Past shows

2014-09-07 Goodbye show Ton: Holy Cow, Schijndel (with Dirty Bastards + Honkscream)
2014-08-31 Effe Ted, Berlicum
2014-07-19 Private party
2014-06-27 Groene Engel, Oss (with: McHaren + Acid Kola Turbo)
2014-05-29 Lollipop live, Oss (with: Wolfskop, The Gooch, The Searching)
2014-04-26 Koningsdag, de Heksenketel, Roosendaal (with: Duketown Helldogs, Kross breed, Stone Burner and more)
2014-04-11 Jinx, Zaandam (with: Duketown Helldogs)
2014-02-28 De Zwaan, Heeswijk (with: Honkscream)
2014-02-23 Café de Meester, Waalwijk (with: Johnny Hooker, Duketown Helldogs)
2014-01-31 WSC, Den Bosch (with: Death Alley, Stealers)
2014-01-24 B-Town, Boxtel (with: Strange Symphathy, This is not OK, Duketown Helldogs)
2013-11-24 Lollipop, Oss - EP release show (with: Pastora)
2013-08-04 Lollipop festival, Oss (with: Blackbone, Hey Kid & Dario Mars & The Guillotines)
2013-07-06 Private show, Berghem
2013-05-17 Groene Engel, Oss (with Peter Pan Speedrock, Komatsu)
2013-05-10 W2, Den Bosch (with: The Dirty Denims, Johnny Hooker)
2013-03-23 Holy Cow, Schijndel (with: The Pretty Faces, Honkscream)
2013-02-01 The Rambler, Eindhoven (with: Black Sheriff)
2013-01-11 Groene Engel, Oss (with: Magnus Machina, Lysogenic Cycle, Pastora)
2012-11-22 The Rambler, Eindhoven (with This is not OK, Drunkass delinquents
2012-11-16 B-Town, Boxtel (with This is not OK, Drunkass delinquents